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Farm to Table since 1978
More than just a farm, Our family is rooted here!

the farmer and his wife

Local, Organic, Community

Terry and Cheryl Tallman moved to the Boardman Community in 1978.

Terry’s father, a multi-generational farmer, bought land just off of the I-84 freeway to raise fruits and vegetables.


Terry and Cheryl inherited that same land where they raised three beautiful children. Now, during their retirement years, their only dream is to run their small coffee shop where they sell their produce. 

Unfortunately, though, their dreams and coffee shop are now in jeopardy...

The unwelcomed takeover

Amazon Web Services has moved in right next door and has teamed up with Umatilla Electric Coop, by using the law of Eminent Domain, to take Terry and Cheryl’s long-loved land away from them. They intend to use the land to put in a 230KV power line to deliver electricity to their business.  

The Tallman’s offered to work with Umatilla Electric and Amazon to find a way to compromise and benefit both of them, but they would rather just take the land for their own personal use and uproot this farming couple.


help support our farm...

Local Matters 

We need your help and support to continue our family's passion for keeping our land and staying in our community.

Purchase a gift card to use toward a purchase online or in-person, or pay it forward by purchasing a gift card for someone local to our community. Your support towards our cause would mean the world to us.

serving high-quality coffee and food!


the story of a farmer, his wife, and their farm... 

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